Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work In Progress

Playing with vector elements:



Here's what i 'am up to recently. I started making vector elements these past few days and decided to try them out. I 'am liking it so far, I been wanting to make this for a long time and I 'am happy i finally did it. 
I really got influenced by the works of Sebastien Cuypers
   and Jared K Nickerson. I only made six elements to play with for now and will make more. I hope these small steps will help me create an iconic and playful designs like them in the future. I 'm dreaming of having my own t-shirt label. Thats why I 'am trying to create my own designs. It's hard to be original these days. But i want my design to be an evolution of my inspirations and how i see them in a different perspective. But for now, i need to prioritize my web design skills because it's also one of my dream jobs. Took a one year diploma course and started going to school  again, september last year. Finally, on my last four months before graduating. Funny thing is that i haven't made a decent website and it's really frustrating. The coding part distracts me from designing a website. It's a pain, but i have to face the fear of coding or else i 'll be stuck in a quicksand forever. I 'll just do it, so i could make myself a nice portfolio site. and revamp the appearance of my blog. 

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