Monday, January 9, 2012

First Art for 2012

How's it going? Here's my First Art for this year. Got so many plans and I hope
 I could make them happen
as months go by. 
Hope to meet more clients and other stuff. Anyway, 
We 'll keep them comin'.  

Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Back

It's been ages, since i have updated this blog. I've been busy this year,
and I haven't got the proper time to write some updates about my work.
So here goes. 2011 was a great year for me. I Learned a lot of
things, in both web and graphic design. 

I am really thankful to be given another chance to study, 
though i have some disappointments from the
school i went. I can say it was really worth it. 

I now know how to built a website, though i didn't learned everything from school. 
This would be enough to start off a career in design. 
I just have to double my efforts, keep learning.
And off course keeping enjoying what i do.

I made this Artwork last July 2011, on a 10" netbook laptop. This was a great challenge,
for working in small screens is a big "no no" for designers. 

So i tried it anyway because my main laptop shut downed permanently 
and i have no choice but work with this sluggish netbook, my sister owns. 
The fun part was, it worked and the output was amazing. 
Not that i am biased on my works or anything, it's just that doing this piece of art reminded me,
that it's how fast your computers are to make good art works but it's really up to you.
It's about adapting on what you have and make something "grand and wonderful out of it" .

I read the qoute somewhere, and i forgot the original author. but it really helps me in dire situations,
not only in design but in life itself.
"What Can I Do? with what i have, from where i am, NOW"


I super suck at self portraits, but this year, I can say
I have improved a lot. This Artwork was an entry i made
for a self portrait contest in deviantArt. 
Unfortunately it didn't won, but i personally love how i com-posited this image.
This work help me narrow down a style i would certainly love
to improved and worked on every now and then.

 This Artwork, i could say is the best one i have ever made so far in my life.
 It came out very well, and it's rewarding to see how you can bring your
ideas in front of your screen, just as the way you want it to.
I learned a lot from doing this art piece, added new technical skills i learned myself
and a lot of patience, not to rush this art piece.

I'm glad i have a lot of failures before, and it helped me improve my designs
drastically. I really failed better in those time. and I 'm still failing my way to success.

November was a busy month, because i finally got my first freelance job.
It was exciting and frustrating and scary at the same time. It made me realize
how hard designers start off their careers. 
Designers need to have a portfolio, and I mean a Good one. 
It's totally different from desk job applications, not to mention work itself.

I thought maybe it's the uncertainty that drives designers nuts. 
Failure to meet requirements, future projects, delayed payments, or not getting payed at all.
It's scary, believe me. But if your really up for it. If you really love what your doing. You can handle it.

 Even though it was a busy month, I still managed to made two simple artworks
for upload.

2011 has been wonderful, I feel like i have improved more this year,
and i hope i still do in years to come. I hope life will allow me to continue
these things I enjoy. These things I love.

Wish you all a wonderful New Year, here's my last Artwork

Monday, July 4, 2011

Art Update

Latest Artwork.
Just a simple vexel piece.
reference is maki horikita.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art Update

My latest work, this was done as a part of a collaboration with christian dalida
just wanted it to look clean and without outlines. i used rammkitty's stock for reference.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art Update

Here is what i am up to lately.  Just a  teaser. This one's for a collaboration with a fellow vexel artist friend.
I 'll let you know when we are done with it. I am really excited with this project, because it's my first collaboration ever. I hope we can pull this off.  

Been struggling on making vector art lately. I just felt gloomy and lazy all of a sudden these past few weeks.
But i am glad it's all over. It's just sometimes life is nerve breaking, when you feel like your not making progress or seeing any difference with what your are doing.

Summer season is another thing, i just can't stand the heat. It's hard to do something with this awful weather.
it's ridiculous, i even feel my laptop is on fire. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work In Progress

Playing with vector elements:



Here's what i 'am up to recently. I started making vector elements these past few days and decided to try them out. I 'am liking it so far, I been wanting to make this for a long time and I 'am happy i finally did it. 
I really got influenced by the works of Sebastien Cuypers
   and Jared K Nickerson. I only made six elements to play with for now and will make more. I hope these small steps will help me create an iconic and playful designs like them in the future. I 'm dreaming of having my own t-shirt label. Thats why I 'am trying to create my own designs. It's hard to be original these days. But i want my design to be an evolution of my inspirations and how i see them in a different perspective. But for now, i need to prioritize my web design skills because it's also one of my dream jobs. Took a one year diploma course and started going to school  again, september last year. Finally, on my last four months before graduating. Funny thing is that i haven't made a decent website and it's really frustrating. The coding part distracts me from designing a website. It's a pain, but i have to face the fear of coding or else i 'll be stuck in a quicksand forever. I 'll just do it, so i could make myself a nice portfolio site. and revamp the appearance of my blog. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Self Portrait

A vector portrait of myself.
Finally a decent one. I had several attempts before but failed.
Funny but i find it hard to vector myself than other people.